Oh hi there! We are so glad you stopped by the gym today. I could use some help. I need you to spot me while I do squats. Think you can handle that? Good. I need you.


Meet our Babes art


  • Shawty

    Fun and Giggly

  • Maximum Babe

    Volumptuous Traits

  • Too Hot

    You want it


Another epic collection to add to the ranks

Wen ArbiBabes?
The much anticipated launch is coming soon! Be ready for it mid-June.
How to get on the Whitelist (Allow List)?
Easy bro, you just gotta hold 1 Chad to mint each ArbiBabe. Keep checking in because our exact Tokenomics will not be finalized until just a little before launch. We may end up having a public mint phase
How many babes will there be?
We are now set on a 1:1 claim for OptiChads to ArbiBabes, so the full collection will have 10,000 $BABES

Our Team

Banished from Layer 1 these Chads have crossed the bridge seeking a more Optimistic lifestyle.
They workout, flex, and eat high amounts of protein with their gas savings.

  • Dicaso

    Artist / Project Lead

    Dicaso used to draw dicks on L1, but now he draws Chads and Babes on Optimism.

  • DistractionBoy


    DistractionBoy has no life so he chills with Dicaso because he's funny for free.

  • LiViCi3


    Livix, THE artist of Pudgy Penguins, came out the igloo to get swole on L2.

  • Lifestrike

    Marketing Lead

    Lifestrike started minting Optipunks and became an Optimistic NFT collector 4Lyfe

  • Dope

    Team Advisor

    Dope only needs simple things - chicken, chorizo risotto, cidre, & being max Chad.

  • Youngbeeps

    Operations Lead

    Beeps came, Beeps lifted, Beeps conquered his inner OptiChad.

  • Millynish

    Discord Expert

    Chillin like a villain on the Opti Island makin a killin.

  • 3t


    Frontend developer helping with updates and creative direction.

  • JasonFactor


    A geek guy that loves waifus, memes, and bodybuilding.


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to us on our Discord server.

Wen Arbibabes?
Our second collection, Arbibabes, is currently under construction and Livic, the famous Pudgy Penguins artist has joined us as a consultant to help us portray a balanced and strong image for our beloved babes. We are taking great care in our designs and will not rush the process. It will be a smaller collection however, and things will run smoothly so we are hoping to launch soon.
What are OptiChads?
OptiChads is an NFT collection, nah, a movement that promotes health and charity through a cheap public mint and up to 50% of secondary sales going to retroactive public goods. Wanna Chad it up with us? Our Discord server would love to hear your Chaddest ideas
What should I post in Discord?
Pictures of your healthy meals, gyms, people working out and being active, wide attractive smiles, slick shoes that have not been worn much, workout equipment, runners, my chin, water, and healthy people working out while eating right.
happy bunnies in jackets and winter clothes making a snowman


Arbibabe holders are granted the same commercial rights as Yuga Labs provided for Bored Ape Yacht Club. The Arbibabe license is here.