Quest: More Than Protein Chips

IntroducingOptiChads OP Governance Proposal

Our focus is improving Health & Wellness in Web3 through our art. We have a very active and passionate community of Chads focused on self improvement in and out of the gym. Through community efforts such as giveaways and fitness challenges, we have grown to be one of the top NFT projects on Optimism by trading volume.

Full Unadulterated Proposal Link Here, bro

As we scale we plan to introduce more and more benefits to our holders such as fitness and wellness/mental health counseling, discounts on protein products, etc.The art was hand drawn by myself with attention to detail in mind - with the goal of bringing more normal users, as well as degenerates into Optimism. As far as street cred is concerned, Vitalik has liked some of our posts regarding our donations to RPGF, and we are the only project on Optimism followed by Opensea. At our core we are a community of like minded fitness lovers and are working to bring more users into Optimism with our existing relationships and by building new ones. Optimism cannot succeed without a vibrant NFT community. NFTs bring new entrants into the ecosystem, hype, and stickiness. These are things we need to develop and foster together!

  • 1,684 Unique Holders
  • 4,700 Trades
  • 19E Trading Volume
  • 6E+ Donated to Public Goods

Proposal For Token Distribution

We've partnered with a Web3 Quest and event platform, and will use their service to do a series of fitness related contests where we can reward our NFT holders OP provided they completed the tasks. The Quest3 incentives would be the first of their kind, essentially the NFT community’s equivalent to DeFi’s incentivized liquidity mining as I see it. For verification we are able to review submissions manually through the platform before rewards are dispersed. We plan to use some of the funds to set a reward of 1 OP for users who follow our social media channels. This direct marketing approach is a more effective and efficient use of capital by leveraging Web3. The result should be exponential growth and awareness, and a positive network effect. We would like to have a series of weekly quests over a period of 2 months, beginning with a contest that rewards holders who have done a certain amount of steps, followed by a pushup challenge the next week, etc.

We plan to use some of the funds to set a reward of 1 OP for users who follow our social media channels.

We would allocate 90% of our OP allocation to these fitness challenges. The remaining 10% will help with our development costs. Thus far the project has been funded with 100% of our teams own time and capital and we have fixed costs such as domain/ipfs hosting that we’d love to offset. We will be using our own NFTs and Eth from royalties after the incentives are complete to continue these challenges and keep our community swole.We already have a strong following and track record of Discord and Twitter challenges. So we hope to use the funds strategically, as we’ve done before to drive volume to Optimism. NFT projects such as OptiChads in turn benefit Public Goods funding and the ecosystem as a whole.

Proof of ConceptOur First Quest3 Campaign

We received a lot of positive feedback from the first draft we posted (above) and a lot more questions. We decided to run our first Quest3 campaign and show how user engagement can be tracked on a granular level.

We posted a tweet to the official @OptiChads twitter account and as part of the quest, the holder would have to:

  • Connect their wallet to Quest
  • Connect Quest to Discord
  • Connect Quest to Twitter
  • Follow the official OptiChads Twitter account
  • Retweet the specified Tweet

Once the quest has been fulfilled, an on-chain reward was sent to each user and we could track the users who completed it!