Zapper Fi Keeping Track of Reps

Stats UpgradeOptiChads Lift With Zapper

Zapper has been sweatin' hard at integrating NFTs on Optimism and they are happy to finally launch this feature! You can now see your OptiChads in your wallet along with all your other assets!

Easily find top chads with Zapper's new Dashboard

For those that haven't worked out with Zapper before, it's an exploration tool with a killer Dashboard. You can check out NFTs, DeFi and DAOs, follow interesting accounts, keep track of your assets - All in one place.

Zapper Dashboard

Here is how your assets are displayed in the Dashboard:

  • Tokens in your wallet
  • NFTs on Optimism AND on Ethereum
  • DeFi positions across 14 networks
Spot the amazing number of OptiChads of this holder 👀🤖:

OptiChads on Zapper Fi

While checking out the OptiChads NFTs, you can filter activity by TRAITS or by wallet address! This gives you the ability to find specific sales that occurred.

You can also spy on the biggest whales in the collection 👀. You can give them a follow and see everything they are doing on other chains, and in other spheres of Web3 (DAOs, DeFi, NFTs).

Like for example, optichads.eth that holds 670 NFTs 👀

Web3 InteractivityConnect Your Wallet

You do not need to connect your wallet to see all of this info on Zapper! You can use it as a read-only mode.

However, by connecting your wallet, this opens up transactional capabilities: like swapping and bridging on Optimism (and on other networks as well!)

And one very important and fun one ⚡️💥: setting your avatar to an OptiChads NFT. You can now setup your Zapper Avatar (profile picture) to represent your favorite OptiChad. This means that anyone on Zapper will see your OptiChads avatar when they navigate.

It's time to see all those owners turn their avatars into OptiChads