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The Premier L2 NFT Community

Our journey began with a clear vision: to establish a blue-chip NFT project on L2. In a landscape flooded with low-quality derivatives, OptiChads quickly stormed Optimism as an OG project, with a strong community held together with a love for exercise and a shared desire for success.

What sets us apart? Our projects feature 100% original IPs with meticulously hand-drawn traits. We firmly believe that high-quality NFT art is pivotal in driving the adoption of Layer 2 solutions.

Looking forward, our objective remains resolute: to strengthen the OP-Stack, innovate new tools for L2 NFTs, and emerge as the preferred choice for NFT enthusiasts worldwide.

Excitingly, we're transitioning into a DAO and are thrilled about the possibilities with the introduction of our native token, OPC!



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We Need YOU!

OptiChads Voting DAO

As curators of quality collections ourselves, we can often tell which collections are fly-by's and which ones are legit. And we have been in the L2 space for a very long time (for the crypto world). We know the history of the OP NFT scene through and through, and now we are getting involved. Delegate your tokens to us. Let us be your voice as a collector, and a creator.

Collection: OptiChads
Demon King
Demon King
Collection: OptiChads
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Wizard Cool
Collection: Base Brigade
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Base King
Collection: Base Brigade
Collection: Arbibabes
Collection: Arbibabes

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Our Team

Banished from Layer 1 these Chads have crossed the bridge seeking a more Optimistic lifestyle. They workout, flex, and eat high amounts of protein with their gas savings.

  • Dicaso

    Artist / Project Lead

    Serving as our benevolent dictator, he bestows upon us gifts and a compelling vision of the future. Passionate about fitness and steadfast in his belief in the transformative potential of NFTs, Dicaso tirelessly built a groundbreaking project that encapsulates

  • DistractionBoy

    Tech Manager

    Fed up with the monotony and looking for a way to contribute to the OP NFT scene, DistractionBoy found Dicaso in the OptiPunks discord looking for people to help build a new collection

  • Millynish

    Discord Expert

    Meet Millynish, the living embodiment of Web3 innovation! After Dicaso unleashed Layer 2, there was no turning back for this digital dynamo.

  • JasonFactor


    JasonFactor joined web3 in 2020 from layer 1 defi communities. Feeling dissatisfied with high gas fees along with token inflation from defi projects, he found another layer 2 solution and started supporting nft projects.

  • Lifestrike

    Marketing Lead

    Lifestrike made a home on Optimism in 2021 and got into NFTs in the ecosystem, eventually coming into contact with the other admins of Optichads,

  • Youngbeeps

    Operations Lead

    Young Beeps embarked on his crypto journey in 2020 under the guidance of his close friends MillyNish and Dicaso, who introduced him to the dynamic realm of Web3. Collaborating closely with MillyNish, Young Beeps delved into the intricacies of cryptocurrency and altcoins,

  • Dope

    Team Advisor

    Dope started his crypto-venture by navigating his way through a minefield of memecoins alongside Lifestrike. The two found themselves migrating to L2 blockchains and found a permanent home in the OptiChads team, where Dope helps to moderate, advise other core members and assist in admin tasks.

  • LiViCi3


    Livix, THE artist of Pudgy Penguins, came out the igloo to get swole on L2. He has contributed greatly to artistic direction and keeping the team up on the latest trends

  • Shea

    Audio Production

    11 Shea X, a musical talent hailing from Virginia, has been crafting and releasing music for over a decade. Over the past five years, he has delved into the crypto space and, more recently, embarked on his journey in the NFT space.

  • 3t


    Frontend developer helping with updates and creative direction.